Local Service Ads

Buying Leads with Google Local Service Ads

Initially called Home Service Ads in the Summer of 2015 to select-only metro areas, Google now re-branded it to Local Service Ads. For locals who do not know, Local Service Ads are designed to provide quality leads at pre-set prices and at the top of search results without you having to do the legwork. It’s still relatively new, so time will tell the value in them. Currently, these are the services.

  • Electrician
  • Garage Door Pro
  • Hvac
  • Locksmith
  • Plumber
  • Other

This will be available to Minneapolis and St. Paul by years end, and just as of yesterday, a partial one for locksmiths showed up.

locksmith local services ads

Side note, locksmiths have been known to use shady techniques to achieve local placements like providing fake addresses, spammy business names, and blatant review spam. This happens in Minneapolis and St. Paul as well as nationwide and can make it more difficult for legitimate local businesses to claim these top listings.

An edge for you is Google helps ensure company legitimacy when setting up local services ads. 1, the service costs money and 2, you have to be willing to provide insurance and let Google run a business background check on you.

Similar to directory leads, inclusion includes directory placement in a particular niche, location or category. Some can be found in search results, too.

Different than directory leads, Google in general lets you provide more superior information in front of searchers. Just part of information you’ll be able to provide, partially taken from Google My Business. From the mobile:

local service

You can also build trust with the Google check marked guarantee while also being at the top of their search results.

If you know you’re good at closing leads, this could be really beneficial, and really measurable. If you close half of your quality leads, you can assign that incoming call a value to your leads in Google Analytics, making you more confident when providing your reports. In closing half of your leads, you would approximately close 5 out of 10 leads at $140.00, or $28.00/lead.

Cost Per Lead

There does seem to be a positive sliding type scale, costing you a little less per lead the more money you spend. When I checked, it costs $50.oo for anywhere between 2 and 10 leads. Yesterday in the Minneapolis area, locksmiths were 10 leads for the $50.00.

Whether this is good for you is your call and budget. A plus is that Google does the work. A minus is Google does the work. As the service program becomes more used, the more information and specific examples we can give you as we’ll have all the latest info.

LocalMN Interactive provides Local Services Ads consulting in addition to our search marketing services, or as a service alone. Contact us through form, email or your preferred social media portal to chat and we can collectively get things started.

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