Branded Short URLs for Your Local Google My Business Page


Google has now expanded their branded short URLs for Google My Business (GMB) to the public. Their public mention is directly within their updated Marketing with Google promotion. It’s incredibly user-friendly.

For how to create yours, Google has an easy help center post explaining it all.

Quick Localmn Example

Ours is simply, or for you,[Your Company Name] . I did try to get the often-wanted 3-letter profile as in LMN, but Google requires that your ending is 5 or more characters. So, localmn it is. This shortened profile does entice me to improve my GMB info with increased info, more branded photos, offers, etc.

Short Name URL
Short Name URL

Easy Steps to Create Yours on a Laptop

  • Sign into your GMB account
  • Click the Info button in the left navigation
  • Scroll down to the @ sign, click + or edit
  • Create your shortened Google Page URL
GMB Info
GMB Info Tab

Google’s Dominance of your GMB URL and profile

As mentioned in our recent Google Local Marketing Kit post:

The best (or worst) part of it is that Google owns all the data. Yep, they still own the local search content you provide. For this, they even own the analytics although they show you an overview in your GMB panel. I only imagine that they use all of this to help calculate your overall authority in the results, and indirectly, your rankings in the local 3-pack.

Localmn Google Local Marketing Kit Post

If you want to use Google shortened GMB profiles for your link building purposes, it’s just not your best bet. Google owns it.  If using them for indirect SEO results, awareness, branding, and overall users to your local business, organization, or area of interest, this can be a can’t-miss opportunity. Whether this is for you, only you can make your best decision.

For you marketers who specialize in national retailers with a ton of local stores, this could be a benefit for you as well in your @[your company name] strategies. Each location needs to have a unique @ name.

Somewhat of a side note – From a writer in different portals, for the last 3-4 years I have almost exclusively linked local businesses to their GMB page instead of their own website. Maybe, now visually showing these shortened URLs will become well-known enough to gain mainstream trust. I suppose only time will tell.

Initially, I really like shortened GMB URLs for certain businesses, organizations, and local areas of interest. What are your thoughts? Compelling, or is Google just trying to own the Internet? Comments are more than welcome!