Custom or Google Virtual Tours

Which option is best for your users?

A popular industry question is whether custom or Google virtual tours are most beneficial. Also, what search and rankings benefits can you have from these?

The good news is that with LocalMN Interactive all your tours come in both custom and Google format. Here’s a quick screenshot of a recent tour side by side and you can see the similarities and differences between them.

Custom 360 Virtual Tour

Google 360 Virtual Tour

No matter what, you will have the Google tour that can help your Google My Business (GMB) profile and search visibility. It’s industry accepted that the more your GMB profile is populated in general, the higher your rankings may be.

We stay short of saying that the virtual tours that help populate these have a direct influence on this. It’s just one of many opportunities.

In addition, you may want to embed the tours on your site. We provide the short iframe codes for both the custom and Google tours and you can decide which one is best for you.

For most places, people are looking to achieve the following:

  • Increased Google visibility
  • Tour to embed on their site
  • Superior tours

You can achieve this and here are some characteristics of both custom and Google virtual tours:

Google Virtual Tours:

  • Increase local search visibility
  • People are used to and trust the Google Maps format
  • The tour stays up for free until your want to replace it or take it down

Custom Virtual Tours:

  • Superior tour
  • Branded for you with your logo and colors
  • Custom features such as informational “hotspots”, video slides, and custom stats to measure your results

The Google tours are great, although imperfect. Your choice of directions are following the walk-thru arrows that they provide. People definitely like this Google “look”.

The custom tours are more branded for you, has more features including a table of contents, video mode, and more informative hotspots for your users, and give you more overall control of your tour.

You will be provided both custom and Google virtual tours and we can help you decide which one is best to embed on your site.

Tiny Planet photos are available as well for either custom or Google 360 photos. These are select 360 photos of your tour edited to where you and your location are literally the center of the planet. I consider these made-for-Instragram photos although they could easily be used for any social media outlets.

Bonus. There are aspects of creating your customized tour that can be included in your Google tour including floor levels, custom arrows, and branded floor logos.

Localmn Interactive provides both custom and Google 360 virtual tour photography services to Minneapolis-St. Paul and across Minnesota.