LocalMN Interactive Announces School Virtual Tour Services

Compel potential students and visitors

Take the functionality of interactive maps and virtual tours and combine it with your school’s photographic scenery and beauty. Showcase your location while telling your stories with our school and campus virtual tours!

It’s certainly more common now to have difficulties scheduling in-person tours. To enhance engagement, users can now tour your school virtually from their device whenever it’s convenient for them.

Envision your school or campus tour

Let us take your vision and create a virtual tour customized just for you! Just a few ideas for you to consider:

  • Provide fun facts and trivia for locations that users see on the tour
  • Have tours created specifically for your different schools and programs
  • Easily embed your tours in your website. We can even help you optimize these pages
  • Add Hotspots to and your custom tours
  • Have us help you create links, content, or video call-to-action on any hotspot on any photo sphere

About these Hotspots

Hotspots is used to provide users additional information about the specific photo or object within your school virtual tour. This can be informational text, images, and even video. Part of the concept of this is to proactively provide information virtually like a guide provides in person. An equally important part is to include these as an interactive tool between your tour, website, and map location.

Customized AND Google school and campus tours

For search visibility, we also include Google virtual tours. Here are just a few photo sphere’s that can turn into full Google or custom school virtual tours:

Weisman Art Museum – U of MN

Northrup Exterior – U of MN

Pregame – Beat Penn St!

Edor Nelson Field – Augsburg University

With the current and post Covid world among us, we’re already in more of a virtual work environment with Zoom meetings, remote working options, and new ways of attaining information. School and college campus virtual tours fit together perfectly with its in-person counterpart.

Each project comes with both custom and Google virtual tours. When you embed your tour into your site, you can choose which one appeals to your potential students and visitors most.

For instance, if you already have a contact-type page with a Google map embedded, it makes sense to keep the same look with an embedded Google virtual tour. If it’s on a different or new page, it makes sense to use the custom tour as it’s more branded to you and you have more overall control.

Bonus. There are aspects of creating your school or campus tour that can be included including floor levels, custom arrows and tables of content, and branded floor logos.

Localmn Interactive provides both custom and Google 360 virtual tour photography services to Minneapolis-St. Paul and across Minnesota.

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