LocalMN Joins the Agencies for Reproductive Rights Organization as a Charter Member

Agencies for Reproductive Rights

With Roe v. Wade overruled, so many across the country are feeling the effect immediately and are looking for ways to protect their abortion and health care rights. This reversal sets a precedence, knocking down the 1973 ruling which provided national abortion protection.

And people are pissed. They want answers, and they also want help.

LocalMN Interactive is proud to help and be a charter member of the newly-formed Agencies for Reproductive Rights (ARR} organization, led by Andrew Shotland from Local SEO Guide. He and his team has taken swift and countless hours of action since the reversal and has reached out to over 30 trusted SEO and local search companies across the country. As well, see his post on Marketers Calling Attention to Bulls#%t, as Usual. It’s a compelling read!

The site and organization is growing and expanding quickly as so many agencies want to help. I imagine some are even close competitors yet want to join collective forces for good by supporting a woman’s right to choose.

ARR is growing

The site has an impressive and growing number of resources from:

  • Abortion providers
  • Judgment-free options
  • Source for giving to independent clinics
  • Info on abortion pills
  • List of companies with abortion benefits
  • Member directory of digital marketing professionals
  • Info on defenses for those unjustly targeted by prosecutors
  • Easy form to join ARR
  • Availability of discount and/or pro bono marketing services

LocalMN will be offering select pro-bono virtual tours in the Twin Cities metro area for companies with individuals affected. Minnesota isn’t affected as much as other states, but we’re certainly not out of the woods:

  • There’s an election in November
  • Many MN based companies have employees in states that are affected more
  • Health and abortion clinics may have an increase due to trigger laws from our neighboring states

Sounds good so far? Definitely check out Agencies for Reproduction Rights and share with those you feel will find this useful.

Skål to all!