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Earn comfort and trust

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Accessibility and visibility can earn more guests

What accessibility, amenities, or features make your hotel and its location unique? Visually answer these questions in 360 photography form in your virtual tour and convert searchers into guests.

We create and help you implement your tour to different platforms.

Modern – Budget – Classic and Luxurious

Stand Out

Our virtual tours for hotels and lodging help capture multiple types of searchers from budget rooms to the most luxurious resorts. Just a standard hotel may have these features you want to showcase:

  • Safe lobby areas
  • Check-in options
  • ADA features
  • Meeting space
  • Pool and sun
  • Business Center
  • Restaurant/Bar areas
  • Fitness center

Room with virtual tour

Be Brandable

In addition to your Google hotel and lodging tour, you get a custom 360 photography tour which includes your branding

  • Hotspots with calls to action
  • Map overlay
  • Embed still photos and YouTube videos
  • Table of contents
  • Links to website and your socials
  • Sneak peak of behind-the-scenes areas

See your virtual tours featured on:

  • Google Maps (Google Business Profile)
  • Links to share
  • Embed on your hotel websites
  • Feature in newsletters and blogs
  • Printed material and AR reality with QR codes

Call these features out and you can:

  • Boost travel and lodging bookings
  • Earn trust for your accessibility
  • Gain search engine visibility
  • Earn comfort and ease for hotel guests
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Showcase ease of directions
  • Unveil smart-hotel features

Let’s Get Started!

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kahler in rochester

Downtown reflection from the Mayo Clinic


Main Hotel Entrance


Showcase Valet Parking

Exterior 360 Photos

Provide visual lodging directions

By showing users and search engines like Google where you’re visually located can help your results. Travel guests earn comfort and trust knowing exactly how to get to you whether it’s driving, walking, biking, or transit, and Google scrapes the location data so they can improve their own results for you.

A few nearby attractions that can help potential hotel guests stay with you:

Located in MinneapolisSt. Paul, our hotel and lodging virtual tours and are available throughout Minnesota and beyond including Duluth, Rochester, St. Cloud, and Fargo (ND). Also see our 2023 local SEO services to compliment your virtual tour.

Google Street View Trusted
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