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Law firm marketing is so competitive on Google and their Maps, and you want to do everything you can to be more visible, especially now in 2022. 360 Google Maps photography and virtual tours can help your law office and attorneys become more visible and compelling compared to your competition. This could be through its presence on Google Maps, embedded tour on your own site, or by sharing on social media.

These law firm virtual tours are a perfect compliment to go with your SEO and other legal marketing efforts. This is similar to matching up different online campaigns with traditional ones like TV, print, or billboard. We’re excited to offer these tours to both law firms and agencies who work with firms!

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Customers want to see your tour

Do stats compel you? Here are some straight from Google Street View Business.

62% of visitors prefer listings with photos of store interiors

Listings with photos and virtual tours are twice as likely to generate interest.

On average, 41% of business searches on Google Maps result in an on-site visit

Complete listings inspire trust and are 78% more likely to be viewed as well-established

Listings with photos and tours motivate customers to make a purchase 29% of the time

Be more visible than your competition

A high quality virtual tour in your law firm marketing efforts can easily help you become more visible. The more visible you are, the less visible your competition is.

We do the work!

At LocalMN, we make the tour easy for you. You can work as normal while we take the 360 photos and start creating your tour right there. This promo example from Google has actually been similar to experiences we’ve had.

Benefits of attorney virtual tours and 360 photography

  • Easily seen on Google Maps, including having a more complete Google Business Profile
  • Become more visible online compared to your legal competitors
  • With exterior directional visuals, your clients will be more likely to not only know where you are, but exactly how they would get to you and your law firm
  • Call out special attorney or law firm awards visually

Why hire LocalMN Interactive for your law firm virtual tour?

  • Behind the virtual tours come with over 20 years of digital and Google marketing experience
  • Google Street View Trusted photography status since 2017
  • Years of legal marketing experience at a corporate, agency, and freelance level

Is it best to have a Google or custom tour?

Both, actually. The good news is that you get both with LocalMN at no additional cost. A Google tour places it right on Google Maps for searchers who are looking for you. The custom tours that we create are just superior with the addition of info spots, tables of contents, and other branded features of yours.. See our blog post, Custom or Google Virtual Tours.

For either your Google or custom tour, we also urge you to embed the tour on the website by placing a simple code we provide for both Google and your custom tour.

We normally recommend embedding your custom tour to your website for a couple reasons:

  • The custom tours we create are superior than its Google counterpart. See our portfolio page to see examples side by side
  • You’ll also have the Google tour already on their maps product. Here’s your chance to let your customers decide which one they want to tour on their device

Here’s an example of a recent law firm custom tour right outside of Minneapolis:

Use Tiny Planet photos

Tiny planet photos are a great addition to the virtual tours and are almost made for places like Google Posts, Instagram, and Facebook. This would be considered compelling and shareable content for those who want to engage in social media more in your law firm and legal marketing efforts. For attorneys, these could be landmarks outside your office, staff photos on “top of the world” or events you attend or sponsor.

Tiny Planet

360 tours in 2022 let customers safely view inside before they arrive, and boost your visibility online. Contact us and let’s strategize your tour!

LocalMN provides both Google and custom tours at no extra charge. Read our latest blog post to see the benefits of both or get a quote!

As well, LocalMN provides virtual tours and 360 photography services for attorneys and law firms across Minnesota including Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Duluth, Fargo (ND), St. Cloud, Mankato, Eau Claire (WI), and Rochester, MN.

Google Street View Trusted
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