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Google Street View Trusted

The restaurant industry has taken a hit from the pandemic and we’re so excited to see so many come back!  Virtual tours have always been a great idea for restaurants and bars and for a couple reasons, we provide both Google and custom 360 photography virtual tours for them.

Google Street View Trusted

Showcasing Your Restaurant Design – Restaurant Architecture – Restaurant Restoration

Showcase your restaurant design

Display what makes everything tick

Compel users with beauty, presentation, and your restaurant vibe

Your virtual tour can balance beauty and what makes your restaurant tick, all at the same time.

  • Show off your new digs if you’ve had a restaurant restoration or renovation
  • Include your kitchen in your tour and highlight your space and new equipment
  • Showcase customer ease-of-use with new ordering and POS systems

All of these features and benefits you can call out by adding hotspots on your custom virtual tour. This could be for branding and trust purposes, or even ecommerce opportunities like from Instagram Shopping or Pinterest Business if you sell landscaping products online.

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Longfellow Grill

Google 360 Restaurant virtual tours

Be on the map!

People are searching for you on Google. Give them a 360 Google virtual tour! Customers may already be on your Google Business Profile (GBP) and to see your virtual tour within other photos can be very compelling to them. We make sure to include all the exterior photos for Google searchers to  know both where you are, and exactly how to get there. 

Plus, these tours only help your restaurant’s Google visibility.

Custom virtual tours

Have more control!

360 Custom tours allow you more control with branding, color schemes, hotspots (infospots), video options, and more features which help make these superior over its Google counterpart.

  • Restaurant features you can include to provide customer trust:
  • Open seating areas
  • Restrooms
  • Inviting and prepared dishes
  • Interior art
  • Exteriors and parking
  • Private and party rooms
  • Behind-the-scene kitchen 360s
  • Bar area

Post Covid engagement ideas

Digitized and distanced

Covid brought a new way of both thinking and just being more safe and distanced. The restaurant industry was one of the first become early adapters of digitized solutions and you can showcase these on your virtual tour.

  • Digital menus
  • QR codes for taking orders
  • Increased focus on sanitation
  • Optimized pick up and delivery stations
  • Changing your landscape
  • Digital kitchen boards
  • Air purification
  • Restaurant Technology Intitiatives (RTI)

Located in MinneapolisSt. Paul, our restaurant and bar virtual tours and other services are available throughout Minnesota and beyond including Duluth, Rochester, St. Cloud, and Fargo (ND). Also, get a quote and see our latest tips on staging your virtual tour.

Google Street View Trusted
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