Sensory Friendly Virtual Tours

For events, performances, and spaces

Performances and events can be challenging for people with sensory sensitivies as well as their family or patrons around them. Let your attendees tour and get the comfort, ease, and trust of your spaces, even if it’s before their first visit!

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Showcase Your Spaces

Compel your visitors with sensory virtual tours

Destinations like stadiums, theaters, and schools can be challenging for people with sensory sensitivities, especially if they’re visiting your place for the first time. Imagine letting them tour your place beforehand on their device to become more comfortable and relaxed during events or performances.

Relaxed Performances and Areas

Lighting, seating, limited crowds

Let your virtual tours showcase your sensory areas and disability pride. LocalMN Interactive provides these virtual tours along with customized call outs to your sensory areas for your spaces and areas including:

  • Relaxed matinee areas
  • Sensory and flexible seating
  • Sensory-friendly performances (for theaters and halls) 
  • Sensory mood lighting
  • Disability pride
  • Limited crowds
  • Resource materials

These are all opportunities to help children improve their visual, auditory and touch processing skills while others can still enjoy the event.

Accessibility needs are here!

See a Minnesota Twins fan experience in their newer sensory suites and areas in this Twitter thread. It’s packed with great info!

Sensory Suites at Target Field

Located in MinneapolisSt. Paul, our sensory friendly virtual tours and other services are available throughout Minnesota and beyond including Duluth, Rochester, St. Cloud, and Fargo (ND). Also, get a quote and see our latest tips on staging your virtual tour.

Comfort – Relaxation – Enjoyment

Overall spaces during the event

Relaxation performance opportunities

In the virtual tour, you can call out sensory-friendly areas and even have them labeled to describe them, clickable to visit any sensory related page on your site, or even to buy relaxed performance or event tickets. These areas and people within include:

  • Activity areas
  • Quiet areas 
  • Spacious outside spaces
  • Expert staff on sensory, autism, anxiety, and other sensitivities
  • Toys and games
  • Staff and concierge
  • Relaxed and wiggle seats

You can even have staff or concierge in your custom tour to help familiarize patrons with the people who make the process tick!

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