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Stadium Virtual Tours – Smart Stadium Technology – Comfort and Accessibility

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More stadiums and arenas from professional to recreational are becoming designed to inclusively accommodate fans and their experience. Virtual tours help fans have a experience from the comfort and safety of their own device.

You can connect the virtual tour to smart stadium benefits available to set yourself up to showcase a greater fan and sensory-friendly experiences, have more profitability, and showcase modern ways to brand your stadium or arena.

Showcase your modern, smart stadium

Compel your visitors with 360 virtual tours

You can transform the virtual tour stadium and arena experience with your real living spaces, and even the combined use of the nearby city surroundings. Imagine a fan with their device taking a tour with the ability to see:

  • Real-time concession lines and availability
  • Exterior surroundings
  • Faster wifi signs
  • Parking lot capacity
  • Light rail and bus stations on location
  • Seat upgrades
  • Sensory friendly suites
  • Restroom lines
  • Security and screening
  • Modern concession systems
  • Surveillance cameras for fan safety

Even highlight your loyalty programs! What’s common on websites can easily be visible on your smart stadium virtual tour.

Take the embedded tour below or see the Target Field Station Platform and Amphitheater in its own.

Stadium exterior 360 photos

Directions and other events

Showcase your stadium’s exterior by providing visual parking and transit options and even other events that occur there in your virtual tour.

During opening activities for the MN United soccer team, they had an event at US Bank stadium and invited some of the local mascots to help with the excitement! And indeed, a reflection of downtown Minneapolis from the stadium windows.

Nordy, Mudonna, and drum corps in front of US Bank Stadium

Mudonna, Nordy, and drum corps in front ot US Bank Stadium

Provide directions to your stadium or arena

Create ease for fans to get to you

Showcase your stadium’s exterior by providing visual parking and transit options and even other events that occur there in your virtual tour.

Stadiums and arenas are more likely these days to place themselves near easy transit options including driving, light rail, bus, bike, and walking. Create a section of your virtual tour to show fans not only exactly where your areas are, but to visually imply to users how to get there.

Huntington Bank Stadium Light Rail Station

Light rail stop out front


Take a bike share to the stadium


University branding

Your stadium marketing mix

Fit your virtual tour right within

How does a virtual tour fit into your overall marketing mix? Your fans are already equipped with technological advancements on their devices. Include a virtual tour that accommadates them before and during their visit for the best fan experience. prefer updates and stats on their mobile devices, leading stadiums to find newer ways to monetize, fill the stadium, and compel the fans to increase their spending.

With today’s home entertainment systems and modern technology, fans want proven smart functionality and comfort when going to today’s stadiums, and of course spend more while they’re there. Showcase your smart stadium technology from your virtual tour to compel fans to visit you.

Embed your virtual tour

When the tour is more than a tour

From nearby spaces, your atriums to your different suites, from concessions to restrooms, retail, and even areas not normally accessible to the general public:

  • Locker rooms
  • Adjacent green space
  • transit options
  • Deliveries
  • Smart stadium technology
  • Employee areas
  • Loyalty program features
  • Kitchens
  • Bullpen
  • Sidelines

The hotspots can be for information and branding, and can also be used as purchase starting points for stadium merchandise and gear.

Target Field

Inside the stadium or arena

Create a seating chart virtual tour

One of the most important parts to viewing a virtual tour is to see the different seating options. For stadiums and areanas, of course there are plenty for you to choose from, for reasons including views, price, and convenience. For seating areas, they can tour your different sections from the safety of their device:

  • Premium box seats
  • Socially distant areas
  • Event suites
  • Bleachers
  • Sponsored deck seats
  • Mezzanine
  • Sideline seats
  • Dugout areas
  • Club levels
  • Upper levels
  • Protip – Consider areas normally not accessible to the general public like the dugout, stadium or arena organ sections, or press areas.

Showcase your different seating sections for your attendees to see which options fit the best. Views from club seats or front row seats can show the best-of-the-best for those who want to enjoy the event in style. Touring socially distant seating areas can drive fans to your location with more ease of mind. Views from upper views can be for both the budget-minded to see and decide, and for the close-to-sold out events where they may be the only seats available.

Located in MinneapolisSt. Paul, our stadium and arena virtual tours and other services are available throughout Minnesota and beyond.

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