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Let Your Summer Work for Your Google My Business

There really isn’t anything better than a Minnesota Summer. You do need to get your Google My Business on, although you might as well let that work to your business advantage by sometimes doing as little as enjoying the summer. Before anything, get started with Google Photos with a Google Account or Gmail address. Adding […]

Custom TC Pride Parade Map and Route

The Twin Cities press does a great job provide information of the upcoming Pride Festival. As well, Google recently came out with finding Pride events in 35 cities worldwide on your mobile device. Of the 35, Google currently doesn’t include the Twin Cities, which sounds strange, but here is an interactive, customized Google Map for […]

New Points Levels for Google Local Guides

Now available to its Local Guides, Google lets you reach new levels up to 10. The numbering system for actions such as edits, reviews and photos have changed and are retroactive. This means you may already be leveled up without doing a thing. It’s not a big surprise, but they are now placing more relative points […]

Grand Old Day Parade 2017

Some days it just takes a Sunday Parade to realize the simple things, this one being the Grand Old Day 2017 Parade which was over an hour long. St. Paul is fairly well-known for sidewalk art with one in chalk starting with “At every spot, find a way to spread joy”.   Just a good […]

A Day in the Life of a Google Local Guide Multi-Modal Transport User

Thanks to Google Maps and council members Jabob Frey, (tw) Alondra Cano (fb) and Abdi Warsame (fb), and of course Mayor Hodges (tw), it’s easier to us to navigate safely throughout Minneapolis within motor vehicles, public transit, bicycles, pedestrians and other ways. Here’s just an everyday Saturday that shows collaboration of all. We put these transportation concepts in […]

48 Hours in Minneapolis/St Paul with a Custom Map

What should you do? Plenty I suppose! It’s really easy to get around, especially with public transit and bike-sharing. You can even add to the map for others to enjoy. First, a link to the map as well as the map itself. A few notes: I put just one place for accommodations for each city. I […]