How do virtual tours help my business?

  • Both custom and Google tours help users discover you
  • Let users tour around your interior from their device
  • Easily let your users know where you are, and know exactly how to get to you
  • Can double your image presence on Google
  • Compel users by embedding it on your site and social channels

Do you offer marketing with your virtual tours?

Our core specialty is in digital marketing, actually. We do local search including Google My Business (GMB), SEO, and social marketing very well and consulting for you can be provided. See our overall marketing services page.

Are these virtual tours expensive?

They’re not. Both Google and our 3rd party partner for custom tours have created platforms to produce your virtual tours at an affordable price. See our pricing page.

Are Google or custom virtual tours best for us?

We actually provide both Google and custom tours for all customers at no extra cost. This can help your Google presence, and also have a custom, branded tour for you to own and embed on your site, social channels or other web properties.

Can we do our own virtual tours?

Just like most opportunities, you can invest your own time and money, and with experience you can. For Google, only Trusted Street View Photographers can offer this service. We have the experience to know what works great while you can spend your time doing what you do best – running your business.

How does the process work?

We start with a phone or Zoom/Google Meet call to answer and ask general questions and welcome communications throughout the process via your choice of communications. Depending on the business size, the shoot lasts between 1-4 hours. From there, we go into post-production with a goal of having your tour live in under 1 week when possible.

Can people be present for the Google Tour?

In many cases, yes and customer faces can be blurred out. However, if you’re under HIPAA requirements your location needs to be empty. For this reason, we are available to do shoots during closed hours and on weekends.

Can we see stats and results?

Yes. We provide analytics for you which includes your visits, devices uses, cities, navigation clicks and more. In addition, if you use your tour on your website, we can help identify your visitors if you use Google Analytis.

Will we own the photos when it’s finished?

Yes. For one, we can send the raw files to you. For Google, they’ll stay up for as long as you want them to at no cost. For customized tours, there currently aren’t any extra fees and any future 360 photos to add can be discussed at that time.