Local Search Marketing

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Local Search Marketing

Be Local

2020 is an exciting year for Local Search (local SEO) and the opportunities are almost endless. A locally branded website, ratings and reviews, Google Trust Street View photography, your Knowledge Graph and certified analytics and geo-advertising are just a few opportunities.

LocalMN’s Local Search services can help you with:

  • Google 360 Street View Photography
  • Branding consulting with you and your content that you own.
  • Local SEO and landing pages
  • Local Services Ads

You get the scam calls from people claiming to be Google ready to delete your business listing unless you claim it with them? We get them, too and it’s complete BS. The only ones who can delete these listings are you and Google themselves. Just hang up. They keep pushing this because it apparently still works.

We’re also Google Street View Trusted in photography. Here a just a few 360 degree photo examples that can be found on Google Maps, shared publicly in your Google+ profile and organized neatly in your Google+ Collections.

Let’s get started, locally, and determine what customized plan we can come up with for you.

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