Business & Maps Photography

Be Photogenic

Some with an iPhone, some with an LG 360 Camera. It’s amazing how well photos can turn out with one and just a touch of editing.

These are common cameras used to capture images you see on places like Google Maps. They often help your search engine visibility and with the right lighting and angles, really convert for your potential customers. This is especially true when people are looking for directions.

We simply come to your Minneapolis or St. Paul area location* with an iPhone, LG and tripod, take maps and business photos with proper titles, descriptions, and geo-tags, then place them in Maps Listings for your business. In the meantime, see some of our select general photos on Capture Minnesota.

Plus, just like you should always own your site, you own the photos. Not us, or another agency, but you. In fact, we’ll provide you the embedded code for each photo for you to place on blog posts, social media, or any other relevant location.

As well we have trusted Google Street view Photographer status.

Your Site. Your Door.

*Denotes locations near enough to travel to. If outside the area, we’ll proactively let you know and can make special travel arrangements for an upcharge.